Friday, 16 November 2012

STPM Baharu Term 1 2012

5 - 8 Nov

What to do ???
A new system for STPM now..

Time for fighting in this 4 days
How was the exam?
How am I??

My answer --> Half died

I hope..I can score at least B+
NOW...waiting for results to announce..
But, When will it be???
I don't know..>_<

Conclude how was the exam

Pengajian Am

I studied all chapters
*for real..
Chapter 6 &  7  can be ignored
because..the essays questions never ask about it
And..We thought they will be the essays question
Structure part..The questions is just the small part of the text book
*I just glance through that part when I did my revision..

Math T

75% I can answered
Some how
I scare of my carelessness
Some of the questions are not in the syllabus
How??? zZZzZzzz


70% I can answered
The formulae..The calculation..The defination..


I think
This is the worst paper in my STPM TERM 1
I don't know what am I think about that time
Those I remembered seem like seek inside my memories
I can't find them..and write it out..>=<..

I didn't think about to retake term 1 EXAM..
Just hope that...the results will not disappointed me, my family n teachers..

=Enjoy the holidays=

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